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I’m Dr. Thorburn and for my entire life I have wanted to help people.

Chiropractor Burbank CA serving Clients for many years.


I’m Dr. Thorburn and for my entire life I have wanted to help people. I decided at the age of two to be a nurse, and when I hit 17, I headed for college with Nursing as my major. I did fulfill my dream of becoming a nurse, and I worked in the critical care unit and the emergency room of a major hospital for 12 years. During that time I was able to work alongside the physicians and I learned a lot about diagnosing and treating the ill and injured.

After graduating from chiropractic college, I initially worked for other chiropractors and learned how to care for the chiropractic patient. I opened my Burbank chiropractic office in 1985 and I have been enjoying every day.

It is an honor to be able to really help people feel great and find better health. Every patient is important to me and I apply all my skills to helping each person get well.


We provide the following services below in our Burbank California Office:

Manual Chiropractic Adjustments
Instrument (non-force) adjusting
Non-surgical disc treatment
Nutritional Counseling
Exercise Treatments

Electrical Therapy


Relieve Discomfort an Adjustment

Do you suffer from discomfort? Is your lower back tight? Does your neck hurt when you turn to look at something? Maybe you feel a pinching in your thighs or suffer from routine headaches. All of these issues likely have something to do with your spine. The muscles and bones in your body are connected, so when one bone is out of place it causes the attached muscles to shift, which in turn will pull secondary muscles out of place. To correct this, you need chiropractic adjustments.